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Real estate is unique in that when it comes to any term that is used, there really is no set definition for what exactly that term means. A good case in point is the word "suburb", which is what this section of our site is all about. Most people think of suburbs as areas outside of the main parts of a city or town; that is, all but the downtown core of a centre can be considered suburbs. In most cases, this tidy definition can fit neighbourhoods within a city fairly well, but when it comes to a metropolis the size of Toronto the details can get a bit muddy.

Toronto definitely has suburbs, the problem with the definition is that Toronto suburbs often look like the downtown core of another city. In fact, many of Toronto's suburban areas are located in what were once cities themselves, until they were amalgamated into Greater Toronto in the 1990s. These suburbs, of course, are the ones that make up the areas of North York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough.

That is one of the aspects we will look at in this section, which talks about real estate in Toronto in areas that are considered suburbs. I guess the best way to put it would be to say what we won't be covering in this section. You won't find information on real estate in Cabbagetown, the Annex, or Corktown here for example. Those areas are definitely a part of Toronto's downtown living scene and not a part of the suburbs by any definition.

When it comes to real estate anywhere else, on the other hand, everything is up for grabs as far as information here. You might be looking for a house for sale in Scarborough, and guess what? You will find it here. In fact, there are several neighbourhoods in Scarborough that are up for specific attention due to their upscale appeal and nature. These include, in particular, the Guildwood suburb around Scarborough bluffs.

As we mentioned earlier, a main focus within this section of the site will be the areas that are considered suburbs of Toronto, even though they are in fact municipalities unto themselves by any other definition in the country. North York real estate and home choices will also be featured here. Taken as a whole, all three original Toronto suburbs have enough options for anyone interested in learning about real estate in Toronto, from planned neighbourhoods like Don Mills to high-rise condominiums that give these "suburbs" a big city feel.

You don't need to stretch the definition of suburb too far in order to cover areas that lie just a little bit outside of Toronto proper, either. That's why you might find information in this section. They are technically a part of Mississauga, but there are plenty of people who regard Mississauga as just another Toronto neighbourhood, connected as the two cities are through economic and transportation ties.

Look to the articles on these pages to answer all your questions about real estate in the suburbs of Toronto,even as far as power of sales. It's the perfect place to go for those interested in living outside of the city's downtown core.

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