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When moving to a new city it always takes some time to orient yourself with how to get around. With those moving to the Greater Toronto Area, this can be a very confusing process. Toronto is not structured on a grid like many other major cities. It does not have helpful numbered or lettered streets and sometimes is quite confusing to those who have lived here for years. But, there are some rules of the road in Toronto and many ways that you can get from your new home, maybe in St Lawrence Market condos, and explore the city.

One of the best things about Toronto is that it has a plethora of options when it comes to public transportation. There are buses, streetcars and the subway for those shorter trips through the city's core and the GO Transit system for longer trips. Or if you want, it doesn't take long when standing on any major street to hail a taxi cab to take you across the city in no time. The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) has a great website with maps of all of their routes. On one of your first weekends in the city it would be smart to get a day pass and just explore as much of your district as possible. You could even hit up some of the city's biggest tourist attractions.

For those looking to commute into the city, maybe you've been recruited by top executive recruiting services for a Toronto firm but have opted to live in one of the surrounding bedroom communities, there are many major highways coming into Toronto. The 401 runs east to west, while the 404, which turns into the Don Valley Parkway, runs north to south. Along the southern section of the city is the Queen Elizabeth Way, which ends at the junction of the 427. Your real estate broker or someone in your neighborhood can likely tell you your fastest route into the city.

The City of Toronto website and local radio stations are your best source for road restrictions. Expect that there will be major delays on all highways in the morning and the evening. Like you'd get if you'd responded to a job search, there are few ways to avoid rush hour traffic during these peak hours in Toronto. Green P Parking is also available throughout the city in all of the most popular locations.

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