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Everyone has their own idea of what a dream home is. For some, it is the mansion on the hill. This vision comes complete with a swimming pool (take a look!), hot tub, home gym, golf course-like backyard, and more rooms than you know what to do with. For others, a dream home might resemble a tidy cottage, but with all the amenities. Some home buyers prefer to look at the appearance of a house before anything else when it comes to finding a dream home; a wrap around porch and gabled roof are more important than size or even location.

Speaking of location, it is another big key for a lot of people when they are talking about their idea of a dream home. Ask most, and you will probably get one answer: a dream home goes hand in hand with waterfront property. Whether that beachside home is on the ocean, a lake, or even a river, there seems to be something about shoreline living that appeals deep to our collective psyche. Dreamers of the perfect home may also wish to find a place along a park or in the country side; generally the idea is to find something exclusive.

Well, the good news for those looking for their dream home for sale is that there are literally all types of homes available, perfect for anyone looking to fulfill their vision of what the ideal home is. Generally speaking, you will find that certain neighbourhoods have similar housing types within them. In this way, real estate in Toronto Canada for example, does not much differ from the rest of the country.

What is different is that Toronto has neighbourhoods made up of virtually every kind of home imaginable, some of which perfectly qualify as anyone's idea of a dream home. There are the mansion-like houses of Beverly Hills, an exclusive and gated community minutes from downtown. There are the beautifully situated homes in the Beaches district; perfect for anyone interested in lakeshore living as a part of their dream home ideal. And, of course, there are all the other upscale neighbourhoods in the city, not to mention the downtown itself. Here, you will find a different style of dream home taking over the city skyline in the form of the modern condominium high rise. These, too, can fill someone's definition of what a dream home could be.

On this site, we will take a look at the different types of dream homes Toronto has to offer. From the downtown to the Beaches, Greektown to High Park, Toronto real estate has a variety of homes that can help make someone's dream come true. Whether you are looking for a specific type of home or just an idea of a neighbourhood or what you would like to see in a dream home, you will find some great information within these articles.

Perhaps your dream home includes a beautiful outdoor space, like a custom patio or deck space, perhaps a sunroom.

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