While many people think of Mississauga real estate as just one of the larger suburbs surrounding Toronto, it is actually a vibrant city all of its own. This community of nearly 800,000 is the sixth most populous in the country and the number of residents continues to explode with each passing year. If you're finding that you can't afford the space or amenities that you're looking for in downtown Toronto or one of the boroughs, than you might want to consider what this city has to offer. From marketing companies to dance studios, you might find that everything you're searching for in a home location is right here.

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Mississauga started as a suburb of Toronto and has grown from there. Now not only is it a bedroom community for those looking for more affordable real estate options, but it is also the home to many national and international headquarters, a long list of entertainment choices, and modern homes. There are many diverse neighborhoods that might interest prospective buyers, from those that work for a taxi service to those are building their careers on Bay Street.

Some of the top employers in Mississauga are such well-known companies as Bell Canada, Air Canada, Federal Express, and RBC Financial Group. There are seven major highways running through the city limits allowing you to get to cities like London, St Catharines, Hamilton and the American border in less than an hour and a half. If you're working with a mortgage company in Canada that requires you to travel quite often than this could be the perfect central location for you. The Toronto Pearson International Airport is also located in the city. Out of the three million people working in the Greater Toronto Area, 425,000 of them are working in Mississauga.

Living in the city doesn't always mean that you need to be constantly surrounded by concrete and pavement. Mississauga is the home of nearly five hundred parks and woodland areas. One of the best things about the city is that if you're looking through local listings, than you can find everything from the highest end home to a quaint house along the water.

Mississauga may have started in Toronto's shadow but there are so many places where it is able to stand on its own. There is a rich culture and history as well as great predictions for the future.

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