As the most recognizable Canadian city, Toronto boasts a wide range of business, entertainment and cultural communities. Home to the headquarters of many of Canada's major banks, media outlets, and retail outlets, downtown Toronto boasts some of the best locations for those seeking a private commercial mortgage. For those simply seeking employment in the heart of the GTA, here is a breakdown of some of Toronto's hottest employers.

More than any other Canadian city, Toronto is well known as the business and financial capital of Canada, with statistics equal to that of government employment in Ottawa. All five of Canada's major banks house their headquarters in downtown Toronto, so anyone with banking experience can't ask for a better place to continue their career. A quick search, aided by a search firm, will show you just what opportunities are available. Near to these headquarters are many of Toronto's premier legal and accounting firms, as well as many stock trading institutions. As the world's seventh largest stock exchange, the TSE offers those with solid financial credentials to further their career ambitions.

Anyone with experience in retail, be it management or simply sales, Toronto is a hot bed for upscale and chain location fashion. The Shaye children's fashion line is the perfect example of this. Even those outside the city looking for specialty items, will look to Toronto for the best in quality and style. Most notably, the historical Hudson's Bay Company has their home headquarters located in Toronto, giving those with high career aspirations room to climb the ladder. For those looking for something a little more fashion savvy, Yorkville offers those passionate about clothing an experience compared to that of New York's Fifth Avenue and Los Angeles' Rodeo Drive.

Anyone familiar with Canadian television will recognize that Toronto is the hub of the nation's broadcasting. With the CBC, CTVglobemedia, and Rogers Communications calling Toronto home, any aspiring or experienced broadcaster has more than their fair share of choices. For those more familiar with the written word, both the Toronto Star and Sun are headquartered in Toronto, as well as the Globe and Mail and National Post.

Of course, with all these large companies and corporations located in the downtown area, one can imagine that local realtors do fairly well in the GTA, especially those who specialize in sales. Even if you have no background in real estate, it may not be a bad idea to consider taking a real estate license course and trying your hand at the real estate game, considering the cost of a downtown high rise loft.

Any of these fine professions would be ideal for new residents to the heart of Toronto, but there are of course many more to choose from.

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