Most Desirable Neighbourhoods

When it comes to finding your dream home in the Toronto area, odds are that you already have some of the criteria in mind. You might be a design assistant looking for a dream home to raise your family in; you may be an entrepreneur looking for a penthouse condo minutes away from all the action that downtown Toronto brings.

Different families will have different ideas about what a dream home really looks like. That penthouse, for example, might suit one of the heads of the household, but the other dreams of a three storey house with a wrap around deck and an acre of grass. Believe it or not, that dream home could be as close to your place of work as the penthouse, it is all in where you are looking.

This series of articles is going to focus on the very best neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area to help you get a better idea of where you would like your dream home to be. We will look at several areas that have their share of dream condo or townhome and everything in between.

Some of these desirable neighbourhoods may not be located in the actual city of Toronto, although we will make sure to note that in our articles. For example, we might discuss the the real estate available in the community of Eastlake. This small sized community is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in one of the most desirable towns in southern Ontario, and is just a drive away from the City of Toronto and all its opportunities. Still, that commute in itself may disqualify the community from dream home status; that choice will be up to you.

Generally speaking, the most desirable neighbourhoods for dream homes tend to attract people who are similar in their outlooks and their earning power. Again, let's look at the community of Etobicoke. Heating and cooling services are commonly used in most areas, the town itself is among the wealthiest on average in all of Canada. A typical neighbourhood in the community would include parks where nannies can take kids for a walk on pleasant summer days as well as nearby facilities to keep the day to day chores fairly close to home.

Parks, of course, bring up the question of the importance of landscaping. Waterloo, Kitchener, and other cities in southern Ontario define the quality of their neighbourhoods in part by the beauty shown in both public and private places. Your own dream home will be best complemented in a neighbourhood that pays close attention to its horticulture, so expect to find many of our most desirable neighbourhoods among the most aesthetically pleasing in the province as well.

When it comes to truly finding a dream home, a good neighbourhood can be the key. Take a look at what we think are some of the most desirable neighbourhoods to be found in the Greater Toronto Area in this series. Special thanks to Ideal Warehouse Innovations for their contributions.

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