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When you are looking for real estate within the limits of the fifth largest city on the continent, you are probably expecting to find some of the best examples of cutting-edge architecture that can be found. Toronto certainly does not disappoint in this regard; the city is a virtual showcase for some of the finest innovations in modern urban living to be found on the planet. We are talking about high density designed buildings housing multiple units; the concept of the condominium and loft.

This is one city that can safely say that it has all that can be offered when it comes to condominiums. Toronto has a large population, and within the core of the city, that population is made up in large part of single, or coupled career-focused individuals. Like any big city, the heart of Toronto is in the downtown core and that is where the business is, not to mention the heart of the city's entertainment scene. It's important for the career-focused demographic to live close to downtown, and thus there have been dozens of condominium structures erected to fit their living demands.

These condo developments run the gamut from cutting-edge, towering behemoths complete with all the amenities to older-style buildings rising only a few stories. As you might guess, some of the condos in the city are priced much higher than others; the general rule of thumb is that the newer and larger the building, the pricier the units are inside. These newer units often come with all the bells and whistles, the finest fixtures, hardwood floors, granite countertops and so on. It's not all luxury living though; there are plenty of condominium units that fit the bill for those looking to pay less for their home.

Toronto has also seen its share of changes over the years in its downtown core, making it the ideal location for one of the most avant-garde concepts in urban design, the condo loft. Toronto lofts have traditionally been a part of renovated warehouses and factories. This means that they are enviably located close to major transportation routes and waterways. The loft style condo has long been popular with the artistically minded, as the studio-like apartments offer high ceilings and an open floor plan with lots of space. Recently, developers have started to design new developments with the idea of loft units incorporated into them.

These and other multiunit types of real estate will be what we look at in this section of the site. Even if you are not necessarily interested in purchasing, it can be very interesting to learn about what is going on with urban development. Townhouse developments and high-rise architecture have transformed the way the city looks and redefined the concept of urban living in general. We think that you will find the many innovations that have been made by both the city of Toronto and its resident developers fascinating as we look into their innovative design styles.

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